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The Galtigua Story

Galtigua is a seamless blend of modern styles and cultural beauty. We pride ourselves on creating timeless pieces that spark conversation and inspire creativity. 

We create vibrant and versatile bespoke apparel and accessories. Designed and handcrafted in London.


Galtigua is an extension of  Caribbean Heritage - a rich culture rooted in vibrant music, patterns, spices, foods, and laid-back vibes.


We start with the best quality natural materials: Cotton and Hessian. These materials are well known for their durability and are traditionally used for transporting goods such as coffee beans and tobacco. 



Materials matter.

We only create with ethically sourced or recycled, sustainable fabrics that are made to last. Less is more - your Galtigua product will accompany you for years to come.


In a world of fast fashion, we believe in slow, thoughtful designs. Originality is the foundation of our brand. Our bespoke products are handmade in our east London studio. This process allows for customization and endless personal expression.

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